FAQ Online Conference

What is it PMU Online Conference?

It’s new easy, simple form of PMU Conference.  Masterclasses in details.

What difference between online PMU Conference and live PMU Conference?

Online conference you can watch from home. Don’t spend time and money for traveling and hotel.
Live conference you will  travel to event place.
Online conference you can watch during 10 days on your free time. Don’t cancel your appointments. You can still work and earn money each day.
Live conference you will attend on conference date. .
Online conference cost less than live conference..
Online conference you may attend any classes any times.  Live conference you attend ones per event.

Who are speakers of Online PMU Conference?

The speakers of this conference- experienced artists, trainers from different countries.

Will these artists show master classes on live models?

·         -- Yes. The artists will show their master class on live models. And they will explain step by step their treatment.

Will I get certificate from this conference?

           --- Yes, you will get 14 certificates of attendance.

Who can attend PMU online conference?

Everyone from any country can can attend this conference

How can I attend PMU online conference?

Register now on website, you’ll get link July 22nd. Masterclasses will available for watching July 22-31st.